Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Shake Down..

FBI Agent- *knocks on door* Mr. Ridley I need 2 speak with u, FBI
Me-*wispers to himself* FBI??? Ok here I come. *flushes the cocaine, hides the hooker*
Me-*opens door*
FBI-*wispers to his partner* he looks so real??
Me- what seems 2 b the problem?
FBI- well Mr. Ridley, we've found ur spaceship

oh well.. i thought it was funny..

"a sunroof is not a sunroof at night, its a moonroof"

 Look out for "We Dont Believe You" by Mal. Music video coming soon.

follow me!!!/videohero405

M.A.C. Entertainment is having another skate party! November 20th. Heres the flyer...


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