Thursday, May 19, 2011

Video Hero

its almost that time... i dont wanna over hype it but i think itll be pretty awesome. Something different. Alot of times i think people are more concerend with doing the exact same thing better, rather than just doing something completely different. Making your own lane. Am i making sense?? I ramble....

What do you do when your lane becomes crowded? Im not really sure of that answer yet. Im thinking you create another lane tho.

Whats the difference between pancake and waffle syrup?

I like colors. People like looking at colors as well. Check this out

My attention span is so short. i initially had so much to blog about but i forgot.

peace out

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Sunday, March 6, 2011

#Winning (word to Charlie Sheen)

Layin here on my couch importing video footage and watching soft porn on cinemax. Have u ever felt like things are goin so well that it’s scary? That’s how I feel. Everything just seems to be working out. I can’t say that I dont deserve it but I can’t say that I do either. My momma told me in a tx 1 day, “your gonna be big time pretty soon”. She was proly just talkin but it still meant a lot comin from her. I’m blessed

I wish Chic fila was open on Sundays. I really do

I wanna learn how to do animation. Like cartoons. Man, for real, you can learn how to do anything by watching YouTube.

I wonder if they really b doin it on these soft porn movies. Somthin gotta accidentally slip in somewhere…

Man for real, I was just messin around when I started that. The way it started was I was playing wit my new camera. Canon T2i. I was tryin 2 get the settings right 2 get that film look. If u look at the first 1 I think It looked real good! When I looked at it on my laptop I was like, haaaa I got an idea!! People started liking it so I ran wit it. I just make stuff up as I go along. No real thought is being put into it. I was at the barbershop 2 wks ago and that’s all they wanted 2 talk 2 me about. It’s funny. We went out 2 eat 4 my sisters bday today and my aunt brought it up! Oh well…

I’m done now

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Friday, February 4, 2011


 I went to sleep at 8 so now im up and cant go back to sleep. Its 2:36a. Tweetin, watching Sportscenter, drinken Caprisuns. I don't know if yal know this, (or care)  but i love movies. I love film. I wanna be a a major movie director one day. You know what? I wanna be Spike Lee. Spike Lee is a NYU film grad that did things his way. He makes movies for black people, about black people without being stereotypical. 

Tyler Perry…. don't get me started. smh

But back to Spike, he's a movie director that has his own production company, does commercials, and occasionally music videos.

Thats exactly what i wanna do.

I wanna have season ticket floor seats at Thunder games like Spike has in New York.

I wanna be Oklahoma's Spike Lee.

Quick question, should it still be called KIDnapped if its a grown up thats abducted????

Im just typing as i think so excuse my randomness. 

I do parties just for exposure and money. I realize theres no future in it. Like 78% of people that know about M.A.C. Films,  is because of parties. Im ok with that. I also realize its only a matter of time before somebody else is at parties filming.

and im also ok with that.

In order for Oklahoma to grow we need a competitive market. Thats how it is in the major cities.
This video stuff aint that easy though. And im definitely still learning. I still have a long way to go. 

But ima get there… and when i do… sheesh

I just wanna make videos man. Im not trying to ruffle any feathers. Im cool with everybody. And id like to think everybody is cool with me.

its 3:27a

i forgot the whole purpose for this blog?????????????

Oh yea!!! Ok, hold on, let me set this up with a question.

Can you control who you love?

Ladies and gentleman, it is my pleasure to inform you that M.A.C. Films is working on its first short film! (pretend like your excited please)
Its called Infinite Bachelor.  Written by Cindy Elbah. Directed by me. Ill keep you updated

thank you, and your welcome