Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Quick Rundown Of Kanye's "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy"

The first thing i noticed after listening to this album is how he used and placed his features. 

He used Niki minaj arguably one of the hottest artist in the game right now on the Rza produced  intro and to close out Monster. Did you hear The Dream and Alicia keys on "Lost In a World"? Me either. But they are on there. How about, "All Of The Lights"? That nigga got Elton John on piano! Elton John! That song has additional vocals by Rihanna, Kid Kudi, Tony Williams, The Dream,Charlie Wilson, John Legend, Alicia Keys, Elton John, Fergie, Ryan Leslie, & Drake! Who else can put that together? Who else would think of puttin that together? Thats amazing to me. 

"you can drink until the pains over, 
but whats worse,
the pain or the hangover"

And dont get me started on the G.O.O.D. music team. Big Sean, Pusha T, Cy Hi, Common J. Legend, Mos Def, Kid Kudi. "They comparing us 2 the new Miami heat shit comparing them to us, they gon need to add Kobe" -Big Sean

My favorite song is 'Lost in a world".  I watched his movie Runaway and heard the beginning of that song and felt some kinda way.... i wasnt sure what i was feeling. its eerie, dramatic. beautiful, emotional.

Or "The Blame Game" this song is obviously about Amber Rose. "and u aint finna se a mogul get emmotional, everytime i hear about other niggas is stroking u". 

"And i know u was somewhere doin your thang, 
and when the phone called it just rang and rang,
you aint pick up
but your phone accidently called me back and i heard the whole thang"


As much as a superstar that he is, his music is still relatable to the average person

"your my devil, your my angel
your my heaven, your my hell
 your my now, your my forever
your my freedom, your my jail"

EVERYBODY has either felt that way about someone, or have been  that person.

Kanye just makes G.O.O.D. music.... simple as that. everything from the album artwork to the music is classic

but thats just my opinion....

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Shake Down..

FBI Agent- *knocks on door* Mr. Ridley I need 2 speak with u, FBI
Me-*wispers to himself* FBI??? Ok here I come. *flushes the cocaine, hides the hooker*
Me-*opens door*
FBI-*wispers to his partner* he looks so real??
Me- what seems 2 b the problem?
FBI- well Mr. Ridley, we've found ur spaceship

oh well.. i thought it was funny..

"a sunroof is not a sunroof at night, its a moonroof"

 Look out for "We Dont Believe You" by Mal. Music video coming soon.

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M.A.C. Entertainment is having another skate party! November 20th. Heres the flyer...


Monday, October 18, 2010

uh oh...

 I like to sit back and watch people. I try to figure out why people do what they do. I've noticed that everybody seems to be so concerned with "the haters" like, "ooooh I have haters so I'm important now". Fuck outta here. Maybe...(and this is just me spitballing here) some people just don't like you? I don't like liver and onions, does that mean I'm "hatin" on it? I want liver and onions to succeed. It's just not for me. I mean, I love onions. Liver.... Not so much

Why are people "hatin" on you? Why do u THINK people are hatin on you? Do you need to feel like your being hated on to validate your sucsess? If so, that's sad. I'm hatin on that. I'm a hater.

I say all of that to say this, yea, people do hate but why address them? It's kinda corny to me. Cliche even. Matter of fact, sayin that "your not even gonna address the haters" is indeed addressing them. So shut the hell up and keep doing hate worthy things.

Limbaugh is a hater. Glen Beck, hell most of the conservative party are haters. If you tell someone your doin something wrong but have no answers on how to do it right, kill yourself.

On a serious note; I spoke to an Asian guy with a southern accent. Blew my mind.

I love everybody. Well almost everybody. But even the few that I don't like, I don't hate them. If I don't like you, in my world, you don't exist. 

Which means.....
I'm not going to go on facebook and blast you. Even if it's subliminal. But more on that at a later time;)
What if dragons really existed? That would b crazy.
The acient Romans fascinate me. They were so gangster. Yet sooo gay.....? And I still have yet to find out what's in pink lemonade....

My dad told me something when I was in highschool that didn't make sense but it does now. He said, "the more you swim, the better your chances are of drowning". So with that said, Ima try to "stay out of the water" for a while