Sunday, March 6, 2011

#Winning (word to Charlie Sheen)

Layin here on my couch importing video footage and watching soft porn on cinemax. Have u ever felt like things are goin so well that it’s scary? That’s how I feel. Everything just seems to be working out. I can’t say that I dont deserve it but I can’t say that I do either. My momma told me in a tx 1 day, “your gonna be big time pretty soon”. She was proly just talkin but it still meant a lot comin from her. I’m blessed

I wish Chic fila was open on Sundays. I really do

I wanna learn how to do animation. Like cartoons. Man, for real, you can learn how to do anything by watching YouTube.

I wonder if they really b doin it on these soft porn movies. Somthin gotta accidentally slip in somewhere…

Man for real, I was just messin around when I started that. The way it started was I was playing wit my new camera. Canon T2i. I was tryin 2 get the settings right 2 get that film look. If u look at the first 1 I think It looked real good! When I looked at it on my laptop I was like, haaaa I got an idea!! People started liking it so I ran wit it. I just make stuff up as I go along. No real thought is being put into it. I was at the barbershop 2 wks ago and that’s all they wanted 2 talk 2 me about. It’s funny. We went out 2 eat 4 my sisters bday today and my aunt brought it up! Oh well…

I’m done now

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